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Why time away from football will benefit Patriots QB Jarrett Stidham

Why time away from football will benefit Patriots QB Jarrett Stidham

A positive for Stid the Kid.

I have been called a lot of things. Pantload happens to be my favorite.

Many of you think of me as a contrarian. I think of myself as a person who thinks differently than most, and I think Jarret Stidham may benefit greatly during this trying time in the NFL. 

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The experts say that Stid the Kid will suffer because he lost out on OTAs and the opportunity to build chemistry with his teammates and work with his coaches. Both elementary and predictable observations. 

But chew on this; Have you thought about him once in the last month?  Exactly. If there had been a June minicamp, we would have sliced, diced and broken down his performance to no end.

I can hear it all now.

“Hey, the kid looked sharp in 7-on-7 non-contact drills.”

“He has true command of the offense on the field. He looks like a real leader out there.”

“Great, great footwork.”

“He looks like a starting quarterback.” 

“Ooooh, nice arm slot.”

The Patriot Coalition would have sung his praises. In other words, Stidham would have been set up to fail. 

There is no way training camp starts on time. Even if it does, it will not be the same. There will be distancing rules and regulations that will throw players, who are definitely creatures of habit, out of whack. Meeting rooms will be half-full, contact will be at a minimum and players will get sick leaving rosters in perpetual motion. Good luck with that team chemistry.

So, how can we expect Jarrett Stidham to thrive under these conditions? 

The expectations for this guy have dropped through the floor, which is a good thing. This will allow Stidham ease into his new gig with little pressure as the Pats’ number one QB. No disrespect to Brian Hoyer... well, yes, much disrespect to Hoyer. We all know Stidham is the starter. If he isn’t, you are going to wish they had cancelled the NFL season

Plus, at this time, there will be no fans in the stands. No opposing crowd to make Stidham inaudible to himself. (This is subject to change as there is talk that some stadiums may be able to have a limited amount of attendees. Stay tuned.) 

So, make the most of this opportunity, Stid. It’s much easier to learn from your screw-ups when no one is looking. 

Who can save sports right now? Believe it or not, it's Roger Goodell

Who can save sports right now? Believe it or not, it's Roger Goodell


What the %$!#?

Mr. Deflategate.

Mr. Nobody Eats a Slice of Pizza Before I Do.

Mr. Would You Like Some More Suntan Lotion on Your Back, Mr. Jones?

Mr. Which Way is the Wind Blowing Today? 

That guy is going to save the day?

Well, it depends how you look at it. If you’re of the mind that sports need to happen hell, high water or Corona, YEAH. 

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The Grand Poohbahs of sport huddled up Monday on ESPN. Each gave a status update of his respective league.  

Adam Silver, no surprise here, made the best impression. This is a guy who is plugged into what his players want and need. I thought there would be basketball, no doubt, but now I’m not so sure.

If LeBron James was on the same page with Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard that basketball would take away from the movement to enact social change, there would be no NBA this August. Reportedly, LeBron believes playing the game will not damage such efforts. Please note that I am not taking a side. I am simply presenting both views. 

Rob Manfred, the Commish of MLB, said that baseball would be back, 100 percent. Then he backtracked through the Green Monster all the way to the Mass Pike and told us he wasn’t so sure. 

Gary Bettman and the NHL has yet to name the two locations for its shortened season. The rumor is one of the cities will be Las Vegas, but nothing has been announced for sure. One Bruins player has tested positive for COVID-19. What happens if there are more cases announced?

That brings us to The Ginger Commish of the NFL, who said that Colin Kaepernick should be put on a roster. He was about three years too late on this topic, but this guy will sell any statement needed to save his ass while displaying no shame whatsoever. Those of us in New England know this better than anyone. 

No surprise that the Cowboys and Texans were hit hard by the pandemic considering Texas has been ... well, utterly stupid in taking this virus seriously. Hey, let’s have another beach party blowout, y'all! I’m surprised the Dolphins, Jags and Bucs can still supply full rosters.

Florida, you know. Yeah, you know. 

One would think that once a big-name player like Ezekiel Elliott was diagnosed that the stars of the NFL would speak up. Nope, not in this league. Hey, a man had to be murdered before this crew woke up, so do you think the Tom Bradys, Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees ... Oh wait, leave him out. He’s done enough damage.

Anyway, are the big names of the NFL going to speak out about whether to play or not? I doubt it. Even if Russell Wilson said something as he has in the past, I don’t think he carries enough weight. Honestly, I think Mahomes would be the guy, but I don’t see him saying anything. This leaves the rank and file to do the job. Not a chance.

This group needs money, even more so than the NBA bench brigade. The same could be said for the NHL's lower half, but I have no idea what their voice sounds like since I have never heard it. They’re like rabbits or giraffes. I mean, what does a rabbit or giraffe sound like? 

This leaves Roger Goodell with the best chance to deliver sports to America once again. If the players are willing, do you think the owners are going to stop them? Hell, no.

Is it the right thing to do? 

The right thing to do would be to postpone sports until there is a vaccine available, but shamefully we’re too needy and the owners are too greedy to even entertain that thought. 

Don't be fooled by self-serving NFL commissioner, President Trump's agendas

Don't be fooled by self-serving NFL commissioner, President Trump's agendas

They have differing opinions, at the moment, but I think Roger Goodell and President Donald Trump are one and the same … self-serving. 

Goodell has come clean and admitted the NFL did not handle Colin Kaepernick’s protest properly. The President has criticized the commissioner for insinuating that players need not stand for the national anthem.

Goodell is all about which way the wind blows, and the President is appeasing a base vital to him being elected to a second term. 

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I am not going to lunch with either one of these guys, even if they’re buying.

The American flag for them is a pawn. To me it remains a symbol of freedom. 

Freedom of religion.

Freedom of political thought.

Freedom from discrimination and persecution based on race or gender. 

I cannot think of a better place for African American players to have the freedom to speak out against racial injustice than beneath our flag. Isn’t it what it’s there for? 

The same argument can be made for those who want to stand with their hand over their heart to honor those who have sacrificed to make this country great. What both factions need to realize is that the other’s life experiences beneath this flag have caused them to utilize it differently.  

Different is OK. That’s the America I live in. 

The suggestion has been made to eliminate the national anthem prior to athletic events. This is not the answer. It’s a cop-out. 

This country was born from protesting the human injustices performed by the Crown of England. Don’t laugh. I know what you’re thinking. “Really, Tanguay? What is this: 'Schoolhouse Rock'?” 

Sure, let’s go with that. 

The United States of America exists because the colonists were not properly represented before the body that governed them. Their voices were not heard. “Taxation without representation!” You know the drill.

There is no difference between Colin Kaepernick and Thomas Paine, who in 1775 wrote in the pamphlet Common Sense that the 13 colonies should seek independence from Great Britain. 

Kapernick and every other player who took a knee wanted their government to know they would no longer tolerate unfair treatment based on the color of their skin. The colonists and these players have a common bond; they both wanted to be treated fairly, like human beings.

Our country is in the worst shape of my lifetime and it scares the hell out me. Yes, this is worse than the anti-war protests of Vietnam. 

Games can bring us together, but if we allow the national anthem to divide us before they even start, we have no chance.