With the NHL spotlight on the Stanley Cup Playoffs, once things get going, it’s always a perfect time for different corners of the hockey world to chime in on the games that everybody is watching. Sometimes it’s a worthwhile observation or a really cool moment on social media that transcends the game, and shows off just how awesome the Stanley Cup playoffs are.

And sometimes it’s a mouthy jackwagon like Sean Avery crawling out from wherever he’s been hiding for the last few years, and spouting expletive-laden nonsense about some kind of hockey moral code that he never himself adhered to when he played. So apparently the former Rangers and Stars punk had an issue with Bruins left winger Jake DeBrusk checking Maple Leafs veteran Patrick Marleau into the stanchion by the Bruins bench during the third period of Boston’s 4-1 win over the Maple Leafs in Game 2 on Saturday night.

There was no penalty called on the play, but it was the incident that precipitated Nazem Kadri cross-checking DeBrusk in the face, and now has Kadri waiting on a Monday hearing with NHL Player Safety that could suspend him for the rest of the first round series against the Bruins.

Was the DeBrusk hit on Marleau a dangerous one that could have gone sideways on him? Absolutely, though there’s no way to know if DeBrusk knew exactly where he was when he threw the hit, and DeBrusk has zero history in his two years of any kind of dirty hits or borderline behavior like the ones that Avery made an NHL career out of for a decade.


Here are the real words of genius that Avery dropped in a video on one of his social media accounts on Saturday night:

“That [expletive] hit that [Jake] DeBrusk just threw on Patrick Marleau just now in the Leafs/Bruins game was a dirty [expletive] hit. That’s one of those unwritten rule hits that you don’t throw especially to a guy that’s played 20 [expletive] years in the NHL,” said Avery. “But obviously the refs had the whistle up their [expletive] or they were too [expletive] slow and two lines behind the play. But they didn’t see it so they couldn’t call it. That [expletive] DeBrusk kid? That’s a greasy [expletive] hit. Okay? It’s time for Auston Matthews to wake up. In Game 3 he should drop the gloves with DeBrusk and go toe-to-toe with him at center ice and set the tone for the home [expletive] crowd. Let’s go Leafs.”

The former NHL bad boy must have been chirped by Bruins fans on his social media accounts after posting this initial video, as he sent a quick follow-up addressing them and some kind of fictitious tough guy act that was never his MO as a player.

“Oh, here we go. All you yippity, yappity Bruins fans ‘What about Kadri’s hit…Kadri’s hit? The only problem with Kadri’s hit is that he didn’t take the top row of [expletive] DeBrusk’s teeth out,” said a sneering Avery.

File under: Everybody has an opinion, and nobody really cares about Avery’s when it comes to him and a Stanley Cup playoffs and a code of ethics.  

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