It was a worst-case scenario on opening night for the Bruins. 

Rask let up five goals in less than a period and a half and was promptly pulled from the game. Boston was pummeled on the power play all night. They couldn't get anything going on the offensive end. A true disaster by all accounts. 

But Brad Marchand showed at the end of the game that, yes, there was still some fight left in these Bruins. 

Lars Eller scored the seventh and final goal for the Caps late in the third period, and celebrated in front of the Bruins' bench. Marchand took exception. 

Eller has never been in a fight in his eleven-year career. No one will label Marchand as a fighter, but he's been in a few scraps. Despite Marchand's short stature in comparison to Eller, it wasn't really a fight. It was a beatdown. 

Marchand will need to bring that same kind of spark and scrappiness if the Bruins want to avoid a repeat performance against Buffalo on Thursday.