WATCH: Marchand lets expletive slip in hilarious mic'd up moment


Brad Marchand knows he needs to be careful while mic'd up, but that's easier said than done.

The Boston Bruins forward wore a mic during TNT's broadcast of Wednesday night's game vs. the Montreal Canadiens. Chatting with the pregame crew during warmups, Marchand explained how being mic'd up makes him careful of what he says during games.

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Apparently, he needs to be even more cautious.

“Nowadays with the mics and everything you’ve got to be careful. There’s a lot less of it and there’s things you say sometimes and you like ‘(Expletive) I hope they didn’t hear," Marchand said before realizing his slip-up. "There you go. Right there. It’s fun though. It’s part of it.”

Watch the clip below:


Marchand made up for his pregame blunder by scoring two goals in 15 seconds during the first period. The veteran winger is red-hot with seven goals in his last 10 games.

No word on whether Marchand let another expletive slip on the hot mic during one of his goal celebrations.