How the Bruins stack up in value among NHL teams


What does being an Original Six team with a streak of 14 straight winning seasons in a top-10 media market get you in terms of franchise valuation?

According to Sportico, it makes the Boston Bruins the fifth-most valuable franchise -- third-most valuable in the U.S. -- in the 32-team NHL, per data released Thursday.

The Bruins, owned by Jeremy Jacobs, were valued at $1.31 billion, less than only fellow-Original Sixers in the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks (the Detroit Red Wings, the other Original Six team, ranked 10th).

Projected Bruins lines, pairings for season opener

The Maple Leafs, owners of a 54-year Stanley Cup drought and having gone 17 years without winning a postseason series, were the only NHL team to be valued at more than $2 billion.

The average value of an NHL franchise is $930 million, per Sportico, considerably less than the NFL ($3.5 billion), NBA ($2.3 billion) or MLB ($2.2 billion. NHL franchises are nearly double the average value of an MLS franchise ($530 million).

Only the Arizona Coyotes, who've been beyond the first round of the NHL's postseason just once since moving to the desert in 1996, ranked last among NHL franchises at a value of $410 million.