Forget a B's reunion; Stars hand huge deal to Seguin


In the on-again, off-again world of the Tyler Seguin contract negotiations with the Dallas Stars, things finally got done this week.

The final numbers were eight years and $9.85 million per season. For all his talent and production over the last handful of years in Dallas, would you give an eight-year, $80 million plus contract to a player like Seguin that’s going to be 27 this season? Boy, I’d be hesitant to do that if I were Jim Nill without knowing what Seguin’s level of commitment to hockey -- and his willingness to pay the price on the ice for team success -- will be with all that money and all that security.

They’ve sunk a ton of money into Seguin and Jamie Benn, two players that most years haven’t even made the playoffs, and now that will be their lot in life for the long term.

They may not have had much of a choice here, but it sure looks like the Stars are going to be stuck in neutral for a while barring some amazing upgrade.