Clearly, there’s a couple of ways for NHL players to react getting chirped in a group setting such as the one set up when the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup team live-streamed their re-watching of Game 7 vs. the Vancouver Canucks on Zoom.

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There’s the playful, clever way that former Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo handled it on Twitter Tuesday night as the Bruins were joking about scoring on him after he’d talked some trash about Tim Thomas’ goaltending style earlier in the series. 

There's no word from Alex Burrows as the former Bruins players buried him on the live-stream for cheap-shotting players and for biting Patrice Bergeron, who confirmed he still has the bite marks on his fingers from the former Canucks rat after their Game 1 incident. 

Then there’s the way former Canucks Ryan Kesler handled it after the Bruins criticized him after seeing on the re-broadcast that the then-Canucks center was chirping at them on the ice.

The retired Kesler tweeted a GIF of Hulk Hogan with a mic drop as the ex-Canuck tried to chirp at Milan Lucic’s still-active NHL career in Calgary while injuries and declining performance ended Kesler’s after five goals and a minus-19 in 60 games for Anaheim in 2018-19.

Kesler had one point and a minus-6 in Vancouver's seven-game Cup Final loss to the Bruins and years later he had to watch as Brad Marchand mocked him and the rest of the Canucks when No. 63 raised an imaginary Stanley Cup in front of the Vancouver bench in a regular-season game in their building.


Needless to say, Kesler’s futile clap-back attempt comes from a pretty limp position.

Here’s the Twitter exchange that started the whole thing:

“Look at this [expletive] guy chirping,” said Lucic.

Michael Ryder then added “How much did you want to kill that guy? But you’ve got to watch what you say on this, you might get in trouble.”

Lucic shot right back, “Buddy, he’s not even in the league anymore. [Expletive] him.”

On Wednesday night, Lucic again fired back with some simple politeness, but he made sure to include a key visual. Plus, he’s already got the ultimate comeback that he's still drawing an NHL paycheck as a player.