Lucic reminisces with 'The Camera Guys' on '11 Cup win, $156K Foxwoods tab


Ten years ago on June 15, the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 to win the franchise's sixth Stanley Cup.

Former Bruins forward Milan Lucic hilariously honored the occasion by chugging two bottles of Stella Artois outside Rogers Arena where he and his teammates hoisted the Cup in 2011. Of course, NBC Sports Boston's "The Camera Guys" had to bring up Lucic's celebration in their recent conversation with him.

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"That was something I did for the boys on the team," Lucic told Glenn and Moose. "The world we live in today, I guess it just takes one forward and it spreads like wildfire. But the good thing about it is I think a lot of people enjoyed that video and I got to enjoy doing that at the place where we won that Stanley Cup 10 years ago."

Lucic's chugging celebration was a fitting one. After all, the Bruins notoriously racked up a $156,679.74 bar tab at Foxwoods Resort Casino after their Stanley Cup win.

The bill included a number of interesting drink choices, but one in particular stood out to Moose. Who ordered the one Corona?

"I think that might have been Johnny Boychuk," Lucic said. "I think he just wanted one to just change it up. Clean the palate, get a nice lime in there, I guess.

"We had a $100K Ace of Spades bottle that was the size of the Cup. We had a pretty good drinking team, I gotta say. There was a lot of guys who put a good dent into that bill."


Hear everything Lucic had to say, plus a bonus chugging contest between Lucic, Glenn and Moose, in the video above. You can watch the full interview on YouTube.