Morning Skate: Dryden's concussion book features ex-Bruin


Morning Skate: Dryden's concussion book features ex-Bruin

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading. while wishing everybody a safe and Happy Halloween. I’ll be out trick-or-treating with the little ones tonight and dressed in some sort of superhero get-up.

*Ken Dryden has written a new book about concussions within the world of hockey and uses late Bruins defenseman Steve Montador as the “protagonist” to show how lasting concussion symptoms can play a part in some of the tragic stories we’ve seen in the NHL over the past 10 years. Montador was a good guy and a solid, honest player during my time covering him in Boston, and it’s sad to be reminded that he’s no longer with us. It’s sadder still to wonder, as the book does, how much the game that he loved ended up potentially playing a role in is death.

*Brian Boyle said he’s “ready to rock” for the New Jersey Devils after undergoing cancer treatment to start the season, and that is the best news of the day.

*The Bruins next opponent, the Vegas Golden Knights, have hit hard times between the pipes as they’ve needed to dig down to a junior goalie from the Kamloops Blazers as an emergency backup.

*Congrats to Brad Marchand, who becomes the third member of the 2006 draft class to hit 200 career goals behind Phil Kessel and Jonathan Toews.

Can you screen grab Zombie Ovi? Spooky!

*For something completely different: Black Lightning continues to enjoy a renaissance on the small screen and in the comics, and that’s pretty okay with me.


Morning Skate: Jagr still going, but not in the NHL

Morning Skate: Jagr still going, but not in the NHL

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while welcoming Marcus Smart back into the fold. Good contract for a guy that’s probably worth more to the Celtics than he would be to just about anybody else.

*It looks like Jaromir Jagr will play some hockey next season, but it also looks like it won’t be in the NHL for the surefire Hall of Famer.

*A list of the greatest NHL players to wear each jersey number with a good idea who the choices would be for No. 77 and No. 4…at the very least. This is a good companion piece to the list that we just put out for the best Bruins player to wear each jersey number that the team ever issued.

*The cyberbullying case between Melina Karlsson and Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend continues with more legal filings as both sides attempt to find out the truth.

*Pro Hockey Talk has an entertaining, wide-ranging Q&A session with PK Subban about any number of topics involving the Nashville D-man.

*Da Beauty League is once again getting into full swing in Minnesota for many familiar NHL players looking to stay in skating shape.

*For something completely different: The 2018 TV season hasn’t been good for new hit shows in their second season.