WATCH: Zdeno Chara bloodies Yakov Trenin in one-sided bout


At 44 years old, Zdeno Chara continues to remind the rest of the NHL that dropping the gloves with him is a terrible idea.

The former Boston Bruins defenseman, now with the New York Islanders. went at it with Nashville Predators forward Yakov Trenin on Thursday night. As for who won the bout, well... Trenin's face tells the story.

This wasn't Chara and Trenin's first rodeo. They also fought back in Jan. 2020 when Chara was still with the Bruins. Trenin actually landed a big right hand in that one, but it's safe to say Chara is now 2-0 against the 6-foot-2 Russian.

Chara and the Islanders need a spark any way they can get it. They entered Thursday night 6-10-5 on the season and just snapped an 11-game losing streak Wednesday vs. the Ottawa Senators.