Brady throwing Lombardi Trophy was wildest moment of Bucs' SB parade


Turns out Rob Gronkowski wasn't the guy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to worry about when it came to the safety of the Lombardi Trophy.

The Bucs set sail for a boat parade down Hillsborough River in Tampa on Wednesday to celebrate their Super Bowl LV victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, and Tom Brady arrived in style on his $2 million boat.

The parade featured the usual shenanigans -- until Brady decided to attempt an uncharacteristically risky throw. Here's the 43-year-old quarterback literally throwing the Lombardi Trophy over open water from his boat to a boat of Tampa Bay wide receivers:

If you got anxiety watching that video, check out this second angle of Brady's toss from the vantage point of Chris Godwin's fiancée, Mariah DelPercio. (Warning: This video contains some explicit language.)

Fortunately, the connection was successful. If it wasn't, no sweat for Brady: He's got six more from his days with the New England Patriots.

Wednesday's parade also featured a certain fun-loving tight end who knows his way around a Super Bowl party. Here's Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski doing what he does best:

And here's Brady showing off the Lombardi Trophy prior to heaving it onto another boat: (Those are two of his children giving him high fives.)

It looks like Brady may have had a little too much fun on his boat, though. The Tampa Bay Times' Joey Knight captured footage of the QB on land after the boat parade, and let's just say he looked a bit wobbly.


Looks like Tom needs to load up on some TB12 Electrolytes.

The greatest quarterback of all time plans to return to the Bucs in 2021, but he may need a few days off before starting preparation for next season.