NFL issued Tom Brady a warning after his tablet-throwing incident

/ by Darren Hartwell
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Maybe Tom Brady was just trying to channel his former New England Patriots head coach when he chucked a Microsoft Surface in frustration during a Week 15 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

But the NFL apparently wasn't amused by Brady's tablet-tossing.

The Buccaneers quarterback revealed on the latest episode his "Let's Go!" podcast with Jim Gray that the league issued him a warning after he damaged a Surface in Tampa Bay's shutout loss two Sundays ago.

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"I did get a warning from the NFL," Brady told Gray. "I can't throw another Surface or else I get fined. Imagine that."

The NFL doesn't want its players damaging valuable sideline equipment, so it's not surprising the league threatened Brady with a fine. The 44-year-old joked the NFL should be too upset with him, though.

"I won't throw another Surface," Brady said. "Although I think it was pretty good marketing for the Surface at the end of the day. I think it worked out pretty well for them."

Brady had no reason to throw any temper tantrums last Sunday, as his Bucs cruised to a 32-6 win over the Carolina Panthers to clinch the franchise's first NFC South title since 2007.


They close the season with the 4-11 New York Jets this Sunday and the Panthers again in Week 18, so the chances of another Brady sideline outburst seem pretty low.