Tom Brady ruthlessly trolls Colts after another win over rival

/ by Darren Hartwell
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back, and so is Trollin' Tom Brady.

Brady's Bucs edged the Indianapolis Colts 38-31 on Sunday to record their second straight win after losing two in a row. They're now 8-3 with a comfortable three-game lead atop the NFC South.

During his weekly "Let's Go!" podcast with host Jim Gray, Brady poured a little salt in the Colts' wound after dropping his old nemesis to 6-6.

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"Always fun talking to you on a Monday after winning," Brady told Gray. "Especially fun after we beat the Colts, which we've done a pretty good job of that lately."

"I think I've beat the Colts the last nine times I've played them, so ... it was great to win in Indy. It turns out that horseshoe on their helmet isn't as lucky as it seems, which really sucks for them but not for us."

Tell us how you really feel about the Colts, Tom.

Brady's math checks out, though: He's 16-6 all-time against Indianapolis in his career (including playoffs) and won eight straight against the Colts with the New England Patriots from 2010 to 2018 before coming to Tampa Bay in 2020.

One of those wins (the 2014 AFC Championship Game) sparked the infamous "Deflategate" controversy, so it makes sense why wins over Indy are a little sweeter for Brady.

"Oh yeah, absolutely," Brady said Sunday when asked if he took special satisfaction in beating the Colts. "Not a lot of love lost."


You'd never hear Brady admit that in New England, where all opponents are treated the same. But the Tampa Bay version of Tom has no issue zinging his competitors -- especially if he keeps beating them.