Tedy Bruschi was not a fan of Tom Brady's take about NFL defenses

/ by Darren Hartwell
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Tom Brady already has a frosty relationship with NFL defenses, and his comments Monday night won't help his cause.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was a guest on Peyton and Eli Manning's broadcast of ESPN's "Monday Night Football" and at one point took a pretty sizable dig at his defensive rivals.

"Have you been to some of those defensive meeting rooms?" Brady said. "I mean, you wonder why they play defense, and after about two minutes you go, 'Yep, they could never be an offensive player.'

"Defense is kind of like a dog chasing a car. Just get the guy with the ball."

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That's harsh, Tom.

Tedy Bruschi apparently thought so, too. The former Patriots linebacker and longtime New England teammate of Brady chimed in on Twitter to express his disappointment with Brady's shallow view of NFL defenders.

Bruschi has good reason to gripe: Without the ferocious Patriots defenses of the early 2000s led by Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Rodney Harrison and others, Brady may not have earned those first three Super Bowl rings.

Peyton Manning seemed to sense that Brady might get some blowback for his remarks.

"I’m sure (Bucs safety) Antoine Winfield really appreciates those comments," Manning deadpanned. "Tell me how that conversation goes at breakfast in the morning."

Brady probably was just trying to get a rise out of the Manning brothers, so we shouldn't take his comments too seriously. The 44-year-old also admitted on the same broadcast that the early-2000s Miami Dolphins defenses had his number.


Still, we probably shouldn't expect Brady to make best friends with defensive players as long as he's in the league.