Watch: Brady, Arians share fitting exchange after Bucs' SB victory


Turns out Tom Brady and Bruce Arians were the perfect match, after all.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and head coach endured some growing pains this season, and Arians' occasionally blunt criticism of Brady suggested their relationship could be rocky.

But Brady and Arians officially laid any doubts to rest Sunday in a Super Bowl LV victory over the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

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And as the Bucs put the finishing touches on their 31-9 win Sunday, the 43-year-old QB and his head coach shared an emotional moment that validated their initial partnership.

"I love you, bro! That was amazing," Brady tells Arians.

"I knew this was gonna happen, brother," Arians responds.

Arians wasn't blowing smoke with that line, either. In his first conversation with Brady last March as the quarterback was set to leave the New England Patriots in free agency, Arians told Brady, "You come, and we’ll win the Super Bowl."

Arians stressed at the time that Tampa Bay had enough talent, and that Brady just needed to establish a winning culture on a team that hadn't reached the playoffs since 2007.

That's exactly what Brady accomplished: After beginning the season 7-5, the Bucs ripped off eight consecutive wins and won four playoff games on the road en route to a championship.