Brady offers polite response to Belichick's 'encouraging words'

/ by Darren Hartwell
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Tom Brady and Bill Belichick aren't above saying nice things about each other. Just don't expect a monologue.

In a recent video with current Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate (and fellow ex- Patriot) Rob Gronkowski, Brady suggested he could play until age 50, which would mean a total of eight additional seasons since he left New England in 2020 free agency.

When asked about Brady's optimistic prediction, Belichick essentially responded with a, "sure, why not?"

"I’m sure Tom would know better than anybody," Belichick said Monday. "So if anybody can do it, it’s him."

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That's not much, but it does count as Belichick praising his former QB. So, during a new episode of Brady's "Let's Go!" podcast, host Jim Gray asked the 44-year-old how he felt about Belichick's comments.

"I’ve always appreciated the encouraging words of Coach Belichick, and it’s served me pretty well," Brady said.

At least Brady is playing nice.

Here's the audio of Brady's line about Belichick; it's not exactly dripping with enthusiasm.

The tension between Brady and Belichick over their final years is well-documented, and helps explain why Brady is playing in Tampa Bay right now instead of New England. So, it's not surprising the two aren't throwing bouquets at each other.

That said, the quarterback and head coach still won six Super Bowls together as the most successful duo of its kind in professional football, so we'd expect them both to say politely nice things about each other in the leadup to Brady's return to Foxboro on Oct. 3.