As the Philadelphia 76ers continue to look for their first victory over the Celtics in their second-round playoff series, center Joel Embiid was looking for something else - more fouls called against Boston.

Embiid gave Al Horford and the C's plenty of credit for containing him in Boston's 101-98 Game 3 overtime victory Saturday but thought "it wasn't fair" that some fouls weren't called.

"[The Celtics] did a good job, but I don't see how it's possible for someone to guard me and have zero fouls, so I thought a couple of plays it wasn't fair," Embiid said in the postgame press conference.

Embiid fouled out in OT after scoring 22 points and pulling down 19 rebounds. Horford, who blocked two Embiid shots twice late in the game, wasn't whistled for a foul in 42 minutes.

Horford's layup with 8 seconds left and subsequent free throws clinched the victory and put Embiid and Philly in an 0-3 series hole.

"You've got to give Al a lot of credit. He competed," Embiid said. "He made some plays for his team and he got them the win. But like I said, I'm too big -- I mean I guess it's the playoffs, it's my first time here, so I'm learning -- but I'm too big not to be fouled every time I go to the basket or every time I post up."