Assessing C's odds to win 2021 NBA championship


After a unique Boston Celtics season that ended with them falling to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals, it's time to turn the page to 2021.

The Celtics are expected to be a contender once again next season as they open with the sixth-best odds to win the 2021 NBA championship at +1200. Leading the pack is LeBron James and the 2020 champion Los Angeles Lakers at +375.

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Check out the full list of 2021 NBA title odds below:

1. Los Angeles Lakers: +375

2. Los Angeles Clippers: +425

3. Milwaukee Bucks: +650

4. Golden State Warriors: +750

5. Brooklyn Nets: +1000

6. Boston Celtics: +1200

7. Miami Heat: +1300

8. Toronto Raptors: +1700

9. Denver Nuggets: +2000

10. Houston Rockets: +2200

11. Dallas Mavericks: +2500

12. Philadelphia 76ers: +3000

13. Portland Trail Blazers: +3500

14. Utah Jazz: +4000

15. New Orleans Pelicans: +5000

All other teams have +6600 odds or worse

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Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways is the Brooklyn Nets -- led by ex-Celtic Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant -- being favored over the C's. Brian Scalabrine doesn't see Brooklyn as a good bet.

"I don't think the Nets are a championship-caliber team," Scalabrine told Kyle Draper and Chris Forsberg. "Assuming Kevin Durant is going to come back and be what he was, that was a long time ago. Maybe the extra time factors into that. Like the season is really supposed to start right now and maybe it's not going to start for another three months, so maybe that's something to factor in.


"But I don't see the Nets as championship-caliber. I think they're in the conversation, but I would never think they're in it to win it. When you're talking about putting money up, they've got to win the championship. I do like the Heat. I think they will improve ...  I feel like [the Celtics] could be in the conversation."

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Forsberg likes the Celtics' chances, but emphasizes health as one of the most important factors heading into the new campaign.

"The Celtics are right there. I feel like +1200 is a good number if you want to jump on it early," said Forsberg. "For me, it's [about] health. I don't know how much better you get in three months ... I feel like it's a shorter offseason, I'm a little worried about Kemba's knee, the fact it didn't get better in four months. How does that play out? But they've got the talent. They should be there."

Between free agency and the upcoming NBA Draft, these odds are sure to change significantly over the next month. So if you're a true believer in the C's for 2021, it may be wise to lock in those +1200 bets now.