Bill Russell had a great response to Kendrick Perkins' LeBron James tweet


There's a common stereotype that today's NBA superstars are more physically gifted than their predecessors, and that NBA legends of years past may not stack up athletically in today's league.

Kendrick Perkins reinforced that stereotype Monday on Twitter -- until one of those NBA legends called him out on it.

Here's the former Boston Celtics big man dubbing LeBron James "the most athletic player in NBA history:"

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And here's Celtics icon Bill Russell, who responded Tuesday night (with evidence) that he was a damn good athlete in his own right:

The original GOAT has spoken. (Also, that video clip of Russell's coast-to-coast layup is incredible.)

As expected, Perkins backpedaled quicker than he ever has on a basketball court:

It's almost impossible to choose the NBA's most "athletic" player, as that's a highly subjective term.

But Russell's tweet is a good reminder that players of his generation were every bit as athletic as today's stars -- all while running the court in Chuck Taylors instead of today's high-tech sneakers.