The 2020 NBA trade deadline was an eventful one, but not for Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics.

The C's decided to stand pat despite being connected in trade rumors to players like Clint Capela, Andre Drummond, and Davis Bertans. That means unless they peruse the buyout market (Tristan Thompson, perhaps?), they'll march toward the playoffs with their current group.

Boston's decision to stay quiet at the deadline didn't sit well with Brian Scalabrine, who believes the Celtics will need a legitimate center in order to compete with their top Eastern Conference foes in the postseason.

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During Thursday's 2020 NBA Trade Deadline Show on the NBC Sports MyTeams App, Scal explained why he particularly came away disappointed when the Atlanta Hawks pulled off a trade for Capela instead of the C's (video above).

When Clint Capela went to Atlanta, I was disappointed. I heard the asking price was high. I heard it was going to be one of the core five players that the Celtics have. I'm not sure I would have done that, but man, Clint Capela would have been a great addition. And I only say that because Brad Stevens needs 15 to 18 minutes a game of a rim-running threat.


I do believe that for them to compete with the teams that you mentioned -- Toronto, Philly, Milwaukee -- I need a big that can go over the top. I need a big that can rebound at his position. I need a big that can defend the rim. Right now we're OK at that position, but OK doesn't get it done when Giannis is coming downhill at your head.

The Celtics have been solid in the rebounding department this season despite their lack of size. They entered Thursday ranked No. 13 in the league in rebounds per game (45.4). Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis have done a tremendous job in their respective roles at the center position.

That said, Scalabrine does make a solid point. It'll be an uphill battle when the Celtics have to go up against bigger teams like the Milwaukee Bucks or Philadelphia 76ers in a seven-game series. Capela, who's averaging 13.8 points and 13.9 rebounds this season, would have helped alleviate those concerns.

As nice as it may have been to add a big man or a bench scorer at the deadline, nothing will be more important for Boston going forward than staying healthy. The Celtics have been plagued by injuries throughout the campaign, and last week Ainge cited health as their No. 1 trade deadline need.

The C's (35-15) currently hold a third-place spot in the Eastern Conference behind the Bucks and Toronto Raptors.

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