Celtics Forgotten 50: Part 2 — Behind the Dynasty


The list of Boston Celtics greats is lengthy, but while the rafters are filled with retired numbers of legends who helped the team raise championship banners alongside those retired numbers, there's also a host of excellent players whose contributions may have been forgotten.

As the Celtics dynasty was formed in the 1950s, the ultimate game-changer was Red Auerbach, whose leadership and coaching acumen transformed the Celtics into a basketball powerhouse. 

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His arrival ushered in a 16-year stretch in which the Celtics made the postseason each year while he was the team's coach/GM, and the C's claimed an astounding 11 NBA titles within a 13-year window. 

Of course, bringing in great players was a key to the team’s unprecedented run of success. But you don’t build a dynasty of that magnitude without contributions coming from a talented supporting cast whose behind-the-scenes impact proved vital to the franchise’s evolution, even if they were often overlooked for the role they played in the team's growth.


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