Tatum, Gilmore show mutual respect in All-Star jersey swap

/ by Darren Hartwell
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Stephon Gilmore and Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum and Stephon Gilmore are taking a page out of Kyrie Irving and Julian Edelman's playbook.

The Boston Celtics forward and New England Patriots cornerback apparently displayed their admiration for one another by swapping jerseys in the mail.

Tatum and Gilmore both posted their new threads on their Instagram stories, and the Patriots' Twitter account showed them off Tuesday (with Gilmore's stamp of approval).

Both jerseys are signed by the player and feature a custom message for the other Boston star.

Gilmore wrote "To: JT Keep being great. Big fan!!" on his No. 24 Patriots jersey for Tatum, while Tatum wrote a great quote about Gilmore's lockdown corner skills -- "Find Gilmore and go somewhere else" -- on his No. 0 Celtics jersey before adding, "Big time - Keep being great bro!"

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This is quite the star-studded exchange between two of Boston's best athletes; Tatum earned his first All-Star nod in 2020 amid a breakout 2019-20 campaign and arguably is a top-15 player in the NBA, while Gilmore is fresh off his Defensive Player of the Year honor for 2019.

Tatum and Gilmore played their swap straight-up -- unlike Irving and Edelman, who cross-pollinated to give the Patriots wide receiver a No. 11 Celtics jersey with "Edelman" on the back and the Celtics point guard a No. 11 Patriots jersey with "Irving" on the back in 2018.


Gilmore's gift should have more staying power than Edelman's, as Tatum just signed a five-year maximum contract extension with the Celtics.