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Forsberg: Tatum highlights importance of chemistry amid Durant rumors

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FOXBORO -- Jayson Tatum stressed the value of chemistry Saturday while expanding on why he suggested earlier this week that he, “love(s) our team” amid rumors about the Boston Celtics being part of the Kevin Durant sweepstakes.

"We have a great group of guys, guys that play well together, and that we almost won a championship. Went to Game 6," Tatum said Saturday at his annual youth basketball camp in Foxboro. "So, when you go through battles and stuff like that with guys, you just become closer.

"Chemistry is half the battle, I feel like. You can have a great team with great talent and not necessarily jell well together. You guys saw, we figured it out in January and never looked back."

A camp director prefaced Tatum’s media session with a request for no questions about rumors, forcing reporters to get creative after a threat to shut down the session down early if those topics came up.

Asked about staying in contact with teammates after a long season and Finals run, Tatum said, “We've all been in contact a little bit, just checking in on each other, seeing how they're doing.

"Everybody is traveling with their family, stuff like that. So probably next month, guys really start getting back in the gym. Some of us might be in L.A. together, and then we'll work out, stuff like that."

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Pressed on if he's eager to get back on the court after the way last season ended, Tatum said simply, "We got unfinished business.”

The real celebrity at the event was Tatum’s young son, Deuce. Early on, a camper asked to meet Deuce and it was greeted enthusiastically by the rest of the attendees. When Deuce arrived towards the end of the morning session, campers buzzed in excitement.

"Especially to the kids he might be (the bigger celebrity)," said the elder Tatum.