As a top team in their conference, the Boston Celtics landed prime real estate in the Orlando bubble, slotting in Walt Disney World's Gran Destino hotel, where they’ll frolic with the Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets, Jazz, Bucks, Raptors, and Heat.

After an initial incubation period, players will have an ability to socialize with players in the same hotel during a two-week ramp up in activity. Interactions with players from the other 14 teams staying at two nearby hotels will be more limited as the NBA stated it would allow only brief fraternizing in campus common areas for players staying in different hotels.

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All of which means the eight teams at the Destino will see an awful lot of each other through July 21. What’s more, initial scrimmages are expected to pair teams at the same hotel in preparation for seeding games starting on July 30.

Since it’s the NBA, tampering will be at an all-time high inside the bubble, but especially when players are under the same roof. Team USA has proven that players living in unique experiences can sometimes lay the groundwork for the league’s next super team.

So who exactly should Celtics players spend early July hobnobbing with?


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