Celtics Talk: Are tough decisions ahead for Brad Stevens?


The "fresh start" for the Boston Celtics hasn't gone the way they had hoped through the first quarter of the 2021-22 NBA season.

Despite a changing of the guard at head coach and in the front office, the Celtics are a middling team still struggling to find their identity as the calendar flips to December. They own an 11-10 record and an 11th-place spot in the Eastern Conference entering Wednesday night's game vs. the Philadelphia 76ers.

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With each frustrating loss, it's apparent that stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown won't be able to lead this team to and through the playoffs unless some changes are made. But what exactly should those changes be? Is it time to ship a key player or two out of Boston and make a new "fresh start"?

The Boston Globe's Chris Gasper joined our Chris Forsberg on a brand new episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast to discuss.

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"Over their last 99 games, they're 49-50. That's kind of what I feel like they are," Gasper said. "I feel like they're a .500ish team, not a contending team. I find that to be frustrating and I feel like that's a large enough sample size now where I look at it and say OK, you changed the coach and you changed some of the complementary pieces and brought in good players like Josh Ricardson and Dennis Schroder, but you're still sort of getting the same results. Maybe you need to change the mix here. Like, really change the mix with the Big 3."

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Gasper believes that president of basketball operations Brad Stevens may have to shake things up for the C's to turn their luck around.

"The next step for me I think would be changing the composition of the team. However, what I'm going to propose cannot happen until Jan. 25. For me, I don't want to give up on Tatum and Brown. I think maybe the easiest thing to do -- and I'm not putting all of the blame on this guy -- but I think the easiest thing to do would be to move on from Marcus Smart and see if you can get more out of Tatum and Brown."

Also in the new episode: Breaking down the positive signs we have seen from the Celtics. Should Aaron Nesmith and Payton Pritchard be getting more playing time? What grades would you give Tatum and Brown for the start of the season And giving the Celtics bench the credit they deserve.

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