Celtics Talk Podcast: Scalabrine bothered by Lakers winning 17th NBA title


The Boston Celtics no longer stand alone as the NBA's winningest franchise.

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat on Sunday to earn their 17th NBA championship, tying the C's for the most in the league. Boston nearly had a chance to prevent its longtime archrival from hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy, but fell to Miami in the Eastern Conference finals.

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That doesn't sit well with Brian Scalabrine, who admits he's "bothered" by L.A. taking home its 17th title while the Celtics once again came up short. Scal joined Kyle Draper and Chris Forsberg on the latest episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast to let his frustrations out.

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"I'm bothered, big time," Scalabrine said. "I'm bothered by it, and it should have been us ... We shouldn't have melted down in the Miami series. That's why the Celtics have to address some issues. We have to get better. When you're looking at the Lakers, they're not going away. At least not next year."

So how do the C's take the next step toward regaining the NBA lead in championships?

"We have superstars that have weaknesses. We have to improve those weaknesses," Scal said. "There's no magical guy out there or anything like that. ... If we could somehow get Aron Baynes that would be unbelievable. Daniel Theis and Robert Williams are the same guy to me ... where is our physical presence?"


"When you have Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, those guys need to get better. They all need to improve in their weakest area."

Also discussed in the new episode: Would the Lakers have won the title if there was no NBA bubble? Scal says there is no NBA team that will take Gordon Hayward’s contract, Scal’s keys to the Celtics making it to the NBA Finals, and would Rudy Gay be a good fit for the C's?

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