Celtics Talk Podcast: Can C's bench keep up its hot streak?


The Boston Celtics benefitted from stellar performances the usual suspects Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker in their Game 2 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

The real story, though? The play of the second unit.

Enes Kanter provided 10 points and nine rebounds while doing a solid job defending Sixers star Joel Embiid. Romeo Langford only had six points, but was a whopping +26 while on the floor. Grant Williams knocked down both of his 3-point attempts and finished with nine points.

Altogether, the C's bench combined for 41 points and played a huge role in the dominant 128-101 victory.

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So is the second unit's surprising success sustainable throughout the playoffs? Chris Forsberg, A. Sherrod Blakely, and Kyle Draper discussed on a brand new episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast.

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Blakely commended the bench for its effort, but warned not to expect this to become a night-in, night-out occurrence for the second unit.

"They did exactly what they are supposed to do. They had a great opportunity to help the Celtics win one game. That's what they did," said Blakely. "That's what your bench is supposed to do when you have a team that is so strong as the Celtics are in that starting rotation, that top-5, top-6 lineup.


"The guys outside of that? They need to get you one win every playoff series and they did that. If they go back to doing what they normally do which is kind of keep things even-keeled, the Celtics are good. Because you can't look at them and say, 'You guys didn't get it done.' Yes you did, I got you a win. Leave me alone. I've done my part ... That bench did exactly what you're supposed to do, they got you a win, now don't ask for no more."

After Forsberg expressed hope that the bench's hot streak will continue, Draper countered by stating he believes Wednesday night's stellar performance was moreso the product of the team they were playing against.

"I just think it was a perfect storm last night," Draper said. "The Sixers are a mess. And so in this series you may be able to win the bench battle. Against Toronto are you expecting a +20 from Romeo Langford? Exactly. And that's when you'll need them.

"You don't need the bench in this series. You need them to play well in the next series."

Also discussed on the new episode: If Al Horford never signed with Philly, would Tatum and Brown still make their leap? Why have players who have left Boston been unsuccessful elsewhere? And does Joel Embiid have what it takes to be a No. 1 guy on a championship team?

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