Celtics Talk Podcast: Could C's trade first-round picks for Jrue Holiday?

/ by Justin Leger
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The Boston Celtics reportedly are one of several teams in the mix to trade for New Orleans Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday.

Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer reported Thursday the C's are looking to trade their three first-round picks (nos. 14, 26, and 30) in the upcoming NBA Draft to acquire Holiday. He expanded on his report on the latest edition of the Celtics Talk Podcast with Kyle Draper and Chris Forsberg.

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"The past couple days I've heard increasingly from multiple sources that their intentions are to flip those picks and get into the Jrue Holiday sweepstakes," O'Connor said. "We've had a number of teams, Atlanta being one of them, that's in on him. But it sounds like Boston would want that defensive, versatile guard."

If the Celtics do work out a deal for Holiday, they'd have to add a player to the deal to make it work financially. So who are the most likely candidates to be shipped out of Boston?

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"They would have to put a salary in there to make any type of deal work," said O'Connor. "Considering the recent noise about Gordon Hayward, could it be him possibly that could be on the move in that situation in the event of a deal? Or could it even be Kemba Walker who, let's be honest here, with the knee injuries in the past Boston has never hesitated to move on from guys that have had injury problems.


"They pulled the plug on Isaiah Thomas at a time that it was hard to do, but it was necessary to do. And with Kemba, he also wasn't great in the postseason either. So whether it's Hayward or whether it's Kemba, to me, I'm taking Jrue Holiday of those three guys."

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix threw some fuel onto the Holiday trade rumor fire, specifically naming three other teams involved in the sweepstakes.

"The Pelicans have made it known that to acquire Jrue Holiday you need to have a top-10 pick. As Kevin reported, Boston is one of the teams trying to get inside that top 10. But there are several teams trying to do the exact same thing. Brooklyn's trying to do it, Dallas is trying to do it, Denver is trying to do it," Mannix said.

"Jrue Holiday is a hot commodity. He is viewed as a winning player who can play multiple positions, does have the two years left on his contract, maybe just one because he could opt out after next season, but there are several teams aggressively pursuing Jrue Holiday prior to this draft."

The 2020 NBA Draft is set for Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. ET. Free agency will begin Nov. 20.

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