Celtics Talk Podcast: Jeff Goodman on the Hayward trade he’d make in a heartbeat


As the Boston Celtics prepare for what should be an eventful offseason, arguably the team's No. 1 focus will be the future of Gordon Hayward.

Hayward has a $34.2 million player option, and recent reports suggest the 30-year-old is "doing the Al Horford plan" by exploring his potential options in free agency. There's also a chance Hayward opts in or is re-signed and subsequently traded.

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One possible trade destination for Hayward is the Pacers, as they reportedly have expressed interest in the Indiana native. Stadium's Jeff Goodman joined Kyle Draper and Chris Forsberg on a new Celtics Talk Podcast to discuss the rumor, and he named the Hayward trade he would make "in a heartbeat."

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"The one wild card is Indiana. You say 'yeah he's hunkered down here, he likes it in Boston.' Listen, he still goes home to Indiana whenever he can. That's still home to him," Goodman said. "So to me, if you could swing some sort of deal -- and I've heard the names -- I just don't see Kevin Pritchard doing it. Deadling [Victor] Oladipo and like Myles Turner for Gordon and Daniel Theis. Like, really? Is Kevin Pritchard that dumb? I get Vic may want out of Indiana, but are you getting rid of him now?"

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If Oladipo does become available in a deal, Goodman believes the Celtics should jump at the opportunity regardless of the Pacers guard becoming a free agent after next season.

"I know he's got one year left. I would do that trade in an absolute heartbeat. Vic's a killer. I think you would roll the dice on that one and say, 'we don't need Vic to be more than a No. 2 or 3 guy. He can't be the No. 1 guy on a contending team in my opinion, but imagine defensively what you can put out there with Tatum, with Jaylen, with Vic? Oh my god."

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