Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely get you caught up on the latest with the Celtics. Marcus Morris joins Kyle to talk about a wide range of topics. Here's the complete rundown:

(1:40) Celtics have done well vs the best in the West

(4:00) Kyrie Irving's knee - should we be more concerned?

(10:25) Jaylen Brown has been impressive since the All-Star break. Sherrod says he strives to be great. We then talk about whether Jayson Tatum has that same mindset early on in his career

(15:15) Al Horford needs to play well vs Minnesota

(19:20) Marcus Morris interview on the bench, relationship with his twin brother Markieff, mentoring Jayson Tatum, and being the best dressed on the team.

(32:20) Looking at the playoff picture