Celtics Talk: Should we stop daydreaming about Bradley Beal?


Wednesday night's Celtics-Wizards matchup brought everyone's favorite C's topic back to the forefront: What are the chances of Bradley Beal coming to Boston?

Debating that question has become an annual tradition around these parts. Considering Jayson Tatum's well-documented friendship with Beal, a fellow St. Louis native, it's no surprise that it constantly gets brought up. But is it time to quit daydreaming about the two All-Stars teaming up at TD Garden?

Forsberg: Tight rotations and spotty defense glaring in loss to Wizards

On a brand new Celtics Talk Podcast, Chris Forsberg chats with NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller about the updated chances of Beal and Tatum joining forces on the C's.

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"I don't think he's going anywhere," Miller said of Beal. "The things that we talked about before are still in play. He has all year to sign this five-year extension over $200 million to stay in D.C. I think what we've seen through the first four games is a major load has kind of been taken off his shoulders. If Montrezl Harrell can come in and play the way he did last night with 25 and 11 playing 38 minutes off the bench, I don't remember in my 15 years covering this team a guy off the bench that has that kind of energy and production.

"This team, while I understand the folks out in Vegas aren't really giving them a chance to really do anything, I think what we've seen at least in the early sample size is Brad's got a deep team around him. ... You've seen depth from this Wizards team. Quality depth."


Beal is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, meaning he has all season to figure out whether the future is bright for him in D.C. If the Wizards' success (3-1 so far this season) continues, it's hard to imagine he'll turn down a lucrative deal to stay in Washington.

"He told me it's all about winning for him," Miller said. "When you have the luxury of seeing how this unfolds throughout the whole year before you sign, I mean, he's got all the leverage."

Also in the new episode: Forsberg reacts to Wednesday night’s loss at home to the Wizards, can this team ever get over its bad habits on a consistent basis? What should we make of the Celtics and Wizards after one week? What is the ceiling for each of these teams? And which teams in the Eastern Conference are legitimate playoff contenders? Who’s the favorite to take the top seed right now?

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