Ainge admits this 2020 NBA Draft scenario would not be ideal for Celtics

/ by Nick Goss
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The Boston Celtics are fortunate to be the only team in next week's 2020 NBA Draft with three first-round picks.

The C's are slotted to pick at the end of the lottery at No. 14 (via the Memphis Grizzlies), their own pick at No. 26 and again at No. 30 (via the Milwaukee Bucks). It's great to have this many assets in one draft, but the Celtics aren't a team in need of more young, inexperienced players.

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The Celtics are a true contender in the Eastern Conference and just came within two victories of reaching the 2020 NBA Finals. This team should be adding veterans who can make a meaningful impact right away, preferably a 3-and-D forward or a defensive power forward/center off the bench.

Boston's roster already has a bunch of young players who are not getting a ton of minutes. A few of these guys are recent first-round picks, including center Robert Williams, forward Grant Williams and shooting guard Romeo Langford. All three of them need more playing time to further their development, and adding a couple more rookies to the mix doesn't help the situation at all.

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"It's not ideal if we add four rookies to the team that we currently have," Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge admitted Wednesday during a video press conference.

So, is it more important than usual for the Celtics to make a trade so they don't create an even bigger logjam at the end of their roster?

"I wouldn't say it's important (to make a trade)," Ainge said. "We always look, all the way up until we make the pick, all the possibilities that exist. We talk to every team in the draft. We come up with lots of different ideas and trades that we want to make, but you've got to do good deals. I say that all the time."

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The Celtics reportedly have offered their three first-round picks in order to move up in the draft order. The C's also are among the teams reportedly interested in trading up for the No. 6 pick, which is owned by the Atlanta Hawks. 

Moving up for a potential impact player is one of the best-case scenarios for the Celtics in this draft. The question is how high can the C's realistically climb without giving up an important player already on their roster. 

Ainge has plenty of ammo to make a deal, he just needs to find one that gives the Celtics a chance to draft a quality player without sacrificing too much of the future.