Danny Ainge has a great nickname for C's center Luke Kornet


Since arriving in Boston, Celtics center Luke Kornet has earned quite a few different nicknames.

It all started when he averaged 9.0 points on 63.6 percent shooting in his first two games played for the C's. He was dubbed "The Murder Kornet" at first thanks to his deadly sharpshooting, but eventually, the nickname that stuck with him was "The Green Kornet".

But apparently, Celtics GM Danny Ainge has another nickname for Luke Kornet.

On NBC Sports Boston's Celtics broadcast Monday night, Ainge revealed after a thunderous Kornet dunk that he referred to Kornet as "Big Bird". Here's the clip of him doing so.

"There's an awakening right there," Ainge said. "I call him Big Bird, but Big Bird [was] right there on the pick and roll."

That's a fitting nickname for Kornet. He is a tall, lanky player and his frame does, in some ways, resemble the famed Sesame Street character. And if Kornet isn't a fan of the comparison, he can always claim that Ainge is referencing Celtics legend Larry Bird with the moniker.

Ainge's revelation has us wondering if he has nicknames for the other players on the Celtics roster. Even if he does, it's hard to imagine that any of them will be better than Luke "Big Bird" Kornet.