Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter admits he’s bored while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic but he’s found one thing to keep him busy: The Brad Stevens Book Club.

Kanter, who only Monday found out that he tested negative for the coronavirus, said he’s immersed himself in books and documentaries while quarantined in his Boston apartment.

“There’s this book, coach Brad gave it to us prob two months ago, called ‘Leaders Eat Last,’” Kanter said on the latest edition of The Enes Kanter Show podcast while picking at a stack of books in his apartment. “I think motivation is really important now. You gotta keep your spirits up.

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“This is the best time to educate yourself. Read a lot of books, watch some documentaries, or do something that you’ve never done before.”

Kanter admits he’s “bored, very bored,” but stressed how important it is for everyone to practice social distancing during this pandemic.

“If you’re not social distancing, self-isolation, you are a big selfish person,” said Kanter. “Because you’re not just affecting yourself, you’re affecting thousands or millions of people…Be smart, stay in your house.”

Kanter said that unlike many NBA players with sprawling home gyms, he doesn’t have such a luxury with a small apartment.


“I’ve gained probably six-seven pounds in like 10 days. I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Man, I’m getting a little chubby.’ No, seriously,” said Kanter. “I don’t have a house, I have an apartment. There’s no yard to go run around. It’s a small apartment. I can do some pushups, situps. That’s it.”

Kanter joked that he’s down to one box of cereal and some fruit. He’s relying heavily on Uber Eats for nourishment. But he’s not panicking about toilet paper.

“You know you cannot eat toilet paper, right? America, you cannot eat toilet paper,” quipped Kanter. “What makes me really mad is when people get all the toilet paper, or more than they need, and other people, like older people who really need it, they can’t find it. Only take what you need…Where is the kindness?”

Kanter said he and his teammates were scheduled to have a zoom video conference with a Harvard professor on Monday afternoon. He’s checked in with many of his Celtics teammates during the downtime, trying to maintain chemistry. He admits he’s uncertain if and when basketball will resume.

Kanter also reached out to teammate Marcus Smart after his positive test for the coronavirus.

“Let me tell you something, that virus has never faced anyone like Marcus Smart,” said Kanter. “I know he’s going to stay strong. He’s going to stay positive. He’s going to do whatever he can to beat that virus.”

Kanter praised the NBA for their quick response to the virus.

“If there was no end of the season this year, I feel like we should give the MVP to Adam Silver. He’s been doing an amazing job, just keeping the players safe.”

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