Enes Kanter didn't take too kindly to Kevin Durant's remarks about his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

During a recent appearance on "All The Smoke" with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Durant said he "didn't play with a lot of skilled guys" during his time with OKC.

“I was tired of playing in that system," Durant said. "I was tired of having to be the only guy that can make threes, make jump shots — consistently make them.”

That drew the ire of Kanter, who responded to those comments on Twitter.

In this week’s episode of The Enes Kanter Show, Boston’s big man went into more depth with host Chris Forsberg about why he is so displeased with his ex-teammate.

Let's talk about the facts. That playoff series, you (Durant) were seventh on the team in 3-point shooting percentage. That's one.

Second, you said 'no skilled players,' right? You played with Russell Westbrook, MVP of the league. You played with James Harden. You played with Serge Ibaka. You played with defenders like Andre Roberson. You played with Steven Adams. Me and Dion Waiters were coming off the bench.

This is what I will say, if you were like the leader that people were talking about, if you were the player that people have been talking about, you don't quit. You know? You don't just quit. You just go out there and try and make your team better.


That is my thing, you know? Like look what happened to Russell Westbrook. He was just like, 'OK this is my team now, this is all on my shoulders, and I'm going to try to carry this team as far as it goes.' We did our best, we made the playoffs that year again, and we lost in the first round. But like, hey, we fought through it.

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Durant won't play for the Nets this season as he continues to recover from his Achilles injury. When he does return, he'll form a fearsome duo with ex-C's guard Kyrie Irving.

Kanter knows the Celtics-Nets rivalry will be worth the price of admission, and then some, once Durant and Irving are playing together against Boston at TD Garden.

"That'll be wild," Kanter said. "I'm probably going to sell those tickets for like 1,000 bucks each."

Also discussed on the show was Kanter's excitement to not be moved at the trade deadline, the frustrating officiating during C's-Rockets, and much more. You can listen to the new episode of The Enes Kanter Show on YouTube or your favorite podcasting app.