Former NBA exec: Schroder to Celtics 'best bargain' of free agency


The Boston Celtics didn't have a ton of options remaining to sign a talented player at this late stage of NBA free agency, but they were able to add one Tuesday.

The Celtics reportedly acquired free agent point guard Dennis Schroder on a one-year deal worth $5.9 million (the mid-level exception). Schroder reportedly turned down a four-year extension worth $84 million from the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this year.

Reaction to the signing from the C's perspective was quite positive on social media Tuesday night. ESPN analyst and former Brooklyn Nets executive Bobby Marks was very complimentary of the deal on Twitter: 

Getting a starting point guard in the prime of his career who can average between 15-20 points per game and give you a physical/emotional edge for less than $6 million is tremendous value for the Celtics.

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Boston needed another scoring guard after trading Kemba Walker to the Oklahoma City Thunder in June, and Schroder definitely can fill that role.

Schroder also should be highly motivated to fit into the Celtics locker room and play at a high level with the hopes of earning a multi-year deal in free agency next summer.

There's little-to-no downside in adding Schroder. If he plays well, it's an amazing bargain. If it's not working out, his contract is very tradeable given its low salary. This is the type of low-risk/high-reward signing that contending teams close to the salary cap need to make to improve their roster.