Former NBA exec details why he loves Time Lord's extension


The Boston Celtics have been among the busiest NBA teams this offseason making moves to improve a roster that needed a boost of depth and talent in a couple areas.

In addition to adding players to the roster, the Celtics also have extended some of their own guys. Veteran guard Marcus Smart and center Robert Williams both got four-year contract extensions.

Williams' deal was officially announced Tuesday, and it reportedly is worth about $54 million over four years.

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The contract has mostly been met with positive reviews. One person who approves of what the Celtics did in the Williams extension is ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks, who used to be the assistant general manager of the Brooklyn Nets.

"I love the Robert Williams contract from both sides," Marks said Tuesday night in an Instagram video. "I'm a big fan of how the Celtics structured it. I'm a big fan when a player can get $48 million in guaranteed money. ... This is an upside-type contract. Williams has played 113 games in three years. We saw what he can do, in spurts, when he was healthy.

"This is a future buy from Boston's perspective. They've been active this offseason and I like what they've done. You saw in that Brooklyn (first-round) series in Game 1 and Game 2, he could be a really, really good defensive player in this league. He just needs to stay on the court -- 113 games so far. I like it from the Celtics' perspective, I like it from the player's perspective."


Williams, as Marks noted, has not been able to stay healthy in his first three seasons. Although, the 23-year-old center did play a career-high 52 games last season. He also set career highs by averaging eight points, 6.9 rebounds and 1.8 blocks in just 18.9 minutes per game.

If Williams is able to be a more durable player, this contract will be an absolute steal for Boston. It's a risk worth taking based on Williams' talent and potential.