BOSTON — When the news that Utah’s Rudy Gobert — and later Donovan Mitchell — had both tested positive for COVID-19, the Boston Celtics had reason to be concerned, considering the two teams faced each other on March 6. 

But according to health officials, it appears as though the Celtics players may not have to worry about having been infected by the Jazz players. 

In a statement released by the Celtics on Thursday, they indicated that they have been in “constant communication with our Massachusetts Department of Public Health officials, including Larry Madoff MD of the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences at the Department.”

Based on those discussions, the statement read, “the DPH has advised us that based on those players’ health statuses during this period, it is unlikely that anyone from the team came into contact with them while they were contagious.”

However, the Celtics will continue to take every necessary precaution as it relates to their players and the handling of the coronavirus. 

In the statement, the Celtics are “exercising an abundance of caution in taking every measure to be vigilant and safe.”

That includes "having players and staff who were in close contact with the Utah players or who traveled to Milwaukee to self-quarantine through the weekend, during which time all players will be tested, as will staff who came into close contact with the Utah players or who exhibit symptoms."