How Kemba, Walker, Jayson Tatum fared in 2020 NBA All-Star Game

How Kemba, Walker, Jayson Tatum fared in 2020 NBA All-Star Game

The Boston Celtics were always guaranteed to get some sort of win in the 2020 NBA All-Star Game. With Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum playing for Team Giannis and Team LeBron respectively, the C's effectively hedged their bets and were guaranteed one player in the winner's circle.

Of course, the result of the All-Star Game doesn't matter. But still, it's nice that the Celtics were in position to claim victory either way. And Tatum claimed the win when Team LeBron won by a final score of 157-155.

Walker and Tatum both put up nice offensive performances in a typically high-scoring All-Star Game that featured little-to-no defense until an exciting and intense fourth quarter.

The C's representatives comported themselves well. Here's a look at exactly how each did on Sunday night and some of their best highlights.


Walker was one of the offensive stars for Team Giannis, and he ended up leading the team in 3-point shooting. He went 5-of-11 from beyond the arc en route to a 23-point night. He wasn't asked to do as much as a distributor, as Trae Young and Kyle Lowry handled that role more, but Walker still managed three assists and three rebounds on the day.


Tatum had more of an understated role off the bench from Team LeBron. He still had some nice highlights, and his six points all came on dunks. He ended up playing 14 minutes and in addition to his six points, he had three assists, one rebound, and three steals in well-rounded performance.

Walker and Tatum will return to action for the Celtics later this week when they face the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night. Coverage of the game will begin at 7 p.m. on NBC Sports Boston and can be streamed on the MyTeams App.

Celtics' Enes Kanter posts hilarious, spot-on Tacko Fall impression

Celtics' Enes Kanter posts hilarious, spot-on Tacko Fall impression

Enes Kanter remains on top of his TikTok game.

The Boston Celtics center took a break from eating marshmallows off a treadmill to share his hysterical impression of teammate Tacko Fall.

Watch his latest masterpiece below:

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That's about as accurate as it gets.

As much as it seems Kanter is making the most of quarantine life, he's itching to get back onto the court. He recently expressed concern about the NBA season potentially getting cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, which especially would be crushing since the C's are in the mix for a title.

You can hear more from Kanter in the latest episode of "The Enes Kanter Show" below:

Former Celtics star Paul Pierce wants in on virtual game of HORSE

Former Celtics star Paul Pierce wants in on virtual game of HORSE

A virtual game of HORSE? The NBA certainly is trying to get creative amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The NBA and ESPN are working on televising a HORSE competition involving "several high-profile players," according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. The competitors would take shots from their home gyms and have to match those of other players. 

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Will one of those "high-profile players" be former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce? It's possible, and he wants in on the competition.

The 10-time All-Star actually could make a splash in the competition -- he shot 44.5 percent from the field and 36.8 percent from beyond the arc in his 19-year NBA career. 

If the 42-year-old ends up competing in the competition, the only thing going against him would be his age. However, if he's anything like Tom Brady then he'll be just fine. 

With the NBA season on pause due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a HORSE competition could be pretty fun to watch.