Crazy Celtics-Raptors ending stunned NBA stars on Twitter

Celtics Raptors

Jaylen Brown called the final half-second of Game 3 a "f---ing disgrace." But the rest of the NBA bubble found the ending to Thursday night's Celtics-Raptors contest much more entertaining.

Boston appeared to have victory in hand after Kemba Walker found Daniel Theis on a no-look pass to put the C's up two points with 0.5 seconds remaining.

Then, Toronto's OG Anunoby did this:

Anunoby somehow got a 3-pointer off before the buzzer to hand the Celtics a crushing 104-103 loss and help the Raptors climb back into the second-round series.

Anunoby's heroics thrilled many NBA stars, who chimed in on Twitter with their incredulous reactions.

Portland Trail Blazers guard and avid Twitterer CJ McCollum pointed out the Oklahoma City Thunder faced a similar situation in their first-round Game 7 against the Houston Rockets but couldn't convert on their last-second inbound play.

McCollum also showed love to Kyle Lowry, who threw a brilliant inbound pass over 7-foot-5 Celtics center Tacko Fall to find Anunoby in the far corner.

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie also loved Lowry's reaction to the stunning sequence.

This was a heartbreaking loss for the C's, but they'll be right back at it Saturday for Game 4.