How tall is Tatum? C's star trades barbs with Mitchell over height

/ by Darren Hartwell
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You can blame Brad Stevens for all of this.

Back in August, the Boston Celtics coach casually referred to Jayson Tatum as being 6-foot-10 despite his official 6-foot-8 listing.

Stevens dropped another "6-foot-10" reference for Tatum on Sunday -- which led some to believe the young Celtics star actually grew two inches this offseason.

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As rumors about Tatum's height buzzed on Twitter Sunday, Utah Jazz star and Tatum's former USA Basketball teammate, Donovan Mitchell, decided to stop the madness.

But Tatum was quick on the draw, replying with a great internet inside joke about his age.

Tatum thrived in the 2018 NBA playoffs as a 19-year-old rookie, leading to a cascade of "he's only 19" observations that many (chief among them our DJ Bean) have continued throughout his NBA career.

Not to be left out, Celtics teammate Jaylen Brown further stirred the pot by wondering if Stevens had undersold Tatum's height.

To clarify: Tatum is still listed at 6-foot-8 on the Celtics' website and will be 22 until March 2021. But the burgeoning All-Star just signed a five-year, $195 million contract extension, so maybe that pay raise is making him walk a little taller.