Brad Stevens didn't receive a single vote for NBA Coach of the Year. This is because coaches vote for it and, as ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz shared recently, rival coaches roll their eyes at all the attention Stevens gets for his greatness. 

Translation: NBA coaches are jealous as helllllll of Brad Stevens. 

At any rate, rival players don't feel the same way as rival coaches. Isaiah Thomas, who wasn't afraid to passive-aggressively take jabs at Stevens in his time with the Celtics, tweeted Wednesday that Stevens is the best coach in the league. 


Evan Turner, now making a lot of money with the Trail Blazers because Stevens boosted his stock, was equally perplexed. 

The NBA is great because of it's pettiness. There might not be anything more petty than giving eight coaches -- including Doc Rivers -- Coach of the Year votes over easily one of the top two or three coaches in the league.