Isaiah Thomas probably isn't too happy with his father right now.

The free-agent point guard was named after former Detroit Pistons star Isiah Thomas after his dad, a diehard Lakers fan, lost a bet with a Pistons fan during the 1989 NBA Finals.

Isaiah and Isiah are two very different players from very different time periods: The Pistons' Isiah Thomas retired from the NBA when Isaiah was five years old.

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But whenever the "old" Isiah pops up in the news, the current Isaiah takes the heat. Case in point: ESPN's latest two episodes of "The Last Dance," its documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls.

The documentary rehashed the deep hatred Jordan had for Detroit's Isiah Thomas that boiled over when the Pistons walked off the court without shaking the Bulls' hands after Chicago defeated them in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

(Warning: tweet contains offensive language.)


Thomas denied snubbing Jordan in the documentary (and explained how the Boston Celtics played a role in Detroit's actions) but he still took plenty of heat on Twitter -- much of which was incorrectly directed at a certain former Celtics point guard.

In a way, these mixups are a credit to Isaiah Thomas, who's made a big enough name for himself that modern NBA fans are inclined to spell the Pistons legend's name "Isaiah."


The modern-day Isaiah Thomas also doesn't seem to mind too much; he knows his namesake well, after all.


The NBA still is relying on old games to pass the time with the league suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, so Thomas may want to brace himself for more wayward mentions.