Jaylen had great response to being asked to compete in 3-Point Contest


Not only is Jaylen Brown set to participate in his first NBA All-Star Game, the Boston Celtics guard will also compete in the 3-Point Contest.

Brown and C's teammate Jayson Tatum are among the six participants for the competition. If you ask Brown, the NBA asking him to compete in the event is long overdue.

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"They asked me and I thought it was obvious. They got some of the best 3-point shooters, including myself," Brown said with a laugh. "Nah, I mean they asked me to participate and I said 'Why not?' Dunk contest would've been great if I could have done it. I don't think my body is agreeing with me right now in terms of that. ...

"But they asked me to participate in the 3-point contest and I said, 'Why the hell not? [Expletive], you should have asked me a long time ago."

Brown is shooting 38.9 percent from beyond the arc this season and averaging a career-high 24.8 points per game. As for Tatum, the 22-year-old has a 36.4 3-point percentage with 24.9 points per game.

Kemba Walker didn't know until after Tuesday night's win over the Los Angeles Clippers that both Tatum and Brown would be participating in the 3-Point Contest. He had a great reaction when asked to predict which one of his teammates would fare better in the competition.

"Ahh, we ain't gonna do this," Walker said. "One of them better bring it home though. I ain't picking one or the other."


The 2021 NBA 3-Point Contest will take place before the All-Star Game on March 7 at 6:30 p.m. ET. Tatum and Brown are set to take the court for the All-Star Game as well.