Jaylen Brown: Rudy Gobert 'reckless' for elbow to face


Things got chippy during Wednesday night's game between the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves.

In the second quarter, C's star Jaylen Brown caught an elbow to the face from Timberwolves big man Rudy Gobert. Brown, who has worn a protective mask since suffering a facial fracture before the All-Star break, took exception and let Gobert know he wasn't pleased.

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Brown bumped Gobert and got in his face before the two players were separated by teammates. Watch the dust-up below:

Brown received a technical foul for the altercation, but the incident didn't negatively impact his performance. He erupted for 35 points to lead Boston to a 104-102 bounce-back victory.

After the game, he admitted taking the shot to the face gave him some extra motivation.

“I probably needed to get hit in the face to get me going a little bit," he told our Abby Chin. "I felt like Gobert was being a little bit reckless. I already got a broken cheekbone from JT (Jayson Tatum) so when I got hit in the face, I reacted. I’m just glad we got the win.”

It's up for debate whether Gobert's elbow was intentional, but Brown's anger was understandable. The last thing the Celtics need right now is their two-time All-Star reinjuring his face and missing time. Plus, Boston could use a spark right about now given their recent stretch, which included a horrific loss to the lowly Houston Rockets on Monday.