You may be happy LeBron James moved West this offseason -- opening a clear path to the NBA Finals for the Celtics -- but Jaylen Brown isn't.

“To be honest, I wanted him to stay,” Brown said Thursday at a media availability in Las Vegas, as reported by Brian Robb of Boston Sports Journal (subscription required). “I was kind of mad, I wanted to be the team to go through him.

"I feel like we could have had it last year, but we fell a little bit short. But I applaud someone doing what’s best for him. He did what’s best for him in that situation. I wanted him to stay in the East. I don’t like when people say, ‘Now that LeBron’s gone, y’all are the favorite.’ That irks me. A lot of us, we feel the same, because we feel that whether he was there or wasn’t there, we were coming out.”

Brown was also asked about restricted free agent Marcus Smart and the potential the Celtics will lose him.

"Marcus, what he brings to the table is second-to-none,” Brown said. “The analytics, all of that, throw that away. What Marcus adds to a team and a franchise, everybody knows. I think [Celtics basketball chief Danny Ainge] knows that. And I feel like something will come and the best situation will happen for both parties. But I would love to play this next year with Marcus Smart, and I feel like everybody feels the same way.”