Kemba shares his take on Celtics trade, signing with Knicks


Kemba Walker spent the last two seasons with the Boston Celtics, but when the 2021-22 NBA season begins in October, he'll be suiting up for one of the C's main rivals.

The Celtics traded Walker to the Oklahoma City Thunder in June as part of a deal that included multiple players and draft picks. The Thunder bought out Walker earlier this month, and then he signed with the New York Knicks as a free agent.

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Walker met with the New York media Tuesday and talked about several subjects. Here's one interesting tidbit that involves the Celtics:

Walker did not play many back-to-backs for the Celtics last season in an effort to not burden his knee too much. Will that remain the case in New York?

It's entirely possible Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau was joking -- he did say "he's playing" with a laugh and a huge smile -- but he does have a long history of playing his top players a ton of minutes, usually more than he should.

Walker can be a useful player for the Knicks. He still has the ability to score around 20 points per game and shoot a quality percentage from 3-point range and the free throw line.

The concern over the last two years with Walker was whether he could stay healthy for a full season. He wasn't able to do that during his brief stint in Boston. The Knicks need it to happen if they're going to play at their full potential and be a real contender in the Eastern Conference next season.