Kendrick Perkins has choice words for state of the Celtics


As the Boston Celtics continue to find new, agonizing ways to lose, some of their most ardent supporters are running out of ways to describe the state of the team.

NBC Sports Boston analyst Kendrick Perkins summed it up fairly simply following the Celtics' historic 25-point meltdown against the New York Knicks on Thursday, however: They're broken.

"When you look at this Celtics team right now, I think the word is 'broken,'" Perkins said. "When the Knicks made that run in the third quarter, I said to myself, once they cut it to seven [points] going into the fourth, 'It's about to be over.'"

Evan Fournier's numbers vs. Celtics this season are from another planet

The comeback win was the largest for New York since 2004, when it overcame a 26-point deficit against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Knicks were 1-229 when trailing by 25 points or more in the 18 years since.

This season alone, NBA teams were 1-138 when trailing by 25 points or more.

"The thing that bothers me the most is when you look at the Celtics personnel on the perimeter...you have all these guys that have size and athleticism and are really good on the defensive side of things and yet, you let Evan Fournier go out there tonight and look like [former Knicks great] Allan Houston," Perkins said. "He's great moving off the ball, but he's not 41 points great."

Check out Perk's full comments in the video above.