Kendrick Perkins: 'I just don't see Kemba fitting in anymore'


If you ask Kendrick Perkins, it's time for Danny Ainge to make a major shakeup to the Boston Celtics roster.

After another heartbreaking Celtics loss Tuesday night to the Dallas Mavericks, the former C's big man decided it may be time for Boston to consider parting ways with Kemba Walker.

The 30-year-old guard struggled mightily (8-for-19 shooting, 4-for-11 from 3) before finally getting hot late in the fourth quarter. By that point, it was too late as the Celtics fell, 110-107.

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"I just don't see Kemba fitting in no more," Perkins said on Celtics Postgame Live. "Like, to me, the Celtics look better without him on the floor. I mean, I'm sorry I'm being hard on Kemba and a little critical, but it's just -- he's not filling that void right now on the offensive end and stepping up when it matters the most and on the defensive end he still is a liability."

Walker has shown flashes of his All-Star self this season, but overall he simply hasn't been able to find consistency. He's shooting 37.5 percent from the floor through 16 games and 34.9 percent from 3.

As the Celtics fall under .500 on the season with a 15-16 record, Perkins says it's clear this roster isn't built for the playoffs.

"Right now, if we're looking at this Celtics team the way it's currently constructed and we think that this is a team that could possibly win this year's Eastern Conference and make it to the Finals, we're all fooling ourselves," Perkins said. "I don't know if this Celtics team could make it out of the first round, to be honest, and that's scary."


The 2021 NBA trade deadline is only one month away on March 25, and it's safe to say Ainge has some significant decisions to make. Perhaps Walker and the C's will figure things out before then.

Hear everything Perkins, Abby Chin, and Chris Forsberg had to say on Celtics Postgame Live in the video above.