The Boston Celtics became a lot more fun when Kevin Garnett joined the team.

The veteran power forward was always an energetic presence and his pregame scream was used to motivate fans at the TD Garden before every single home game during his time with the squad.

And unsurprisingly, Garnett's expressive personality carried over off the court. He was always vocal in the Celtics locker room and on the team plane and created a number of both legendary and comical moments during his time with the squad.

And recently, Kendrick Perkins spoke of one of the previously-unknown stories from the team plane.

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In an appearance on NBC Sports Bay Area's "Runnin' Plays" podcast, Perkins told the story of a time Garnett got involved in a team-wide bet with Glen "Big Baby" Davis. Perkins kicked things off with some important background about the competitiveness of the team.

So KG, when we was with the Celtics, we used to bet on everything. We were so competitive outside of basketball we used to bet like, 'I bet you can't go do 50 push-ups in the snow.'

And Perkins himself had a frequent one-on-one competition between himself, Davis, and Leon Powe. And one day after Perkins beat the two young players, that escalated into a debate about who was the strongest player on the team.

All of the sudden, we went from basketball talk to who is the strongest to now, Big Baby and Leon Powe are arm wrestling for money. So they're arm wrestling for money, and Big Baby beat Leon, right? So Big Baby stands up, he's huffing and puffing. So KG's kinda lookin' at Big Baby and Big Baby's lookin' at him. And Big Baby ain't said a word so KG like, 'So what you saying?' So Big Baby's like, 'What you mean?' So KG's like, 'What you saying? You want some of this?'


Paul Pierce, serving as the instigator, put down his money on Garnett, who he called "Ticket" in the story, per Perkins. The other members of the Celtics were on the side of Davis, the 6-9, 289-pound rookie from LSU.

And as Perkins detailed, what happened next was a legendary moment.

So, they sit down at the table. Card game broken up. Everything. So they get into it. KG's looking at him like this so Paul's got his hand, and he say 'Go.' And Big Baby tries to go. He's straining. So for like 10 seconds, KG's just locked in and he's like 'I ain't goin' nowhere [expletive]. I ain't goin' nowhere [expletive]. I ain't goin' nowhere [expletive].'

And the all of the sudden, KG keeps going and keeps going and BOOM! He slams Big Baby. Stands up. Takes his shirt off. He's in a full sweat and -- might I tell you, when we was making those runs with the Celtics, we used to have fans that were traveling on the plane with us. You could like win a trip to travel on a two-day road-trip with the Celtics. Go to the game, stay in the hotel room. So, they're on the planes.

So, KG wins. The music's jamming. He stands up, takes off his shirt, he's in a full-out lather. He wins, he stands up, he yells, 'AHHHHHHHH! I'm the [expletive] silverback in here. Who else wants some?'

Well, that certainly sounds like Garnett. He brought the energy, toughness, and physicality needed to be one of the best power forwards in the history of the NBA. And his elite strength and defensive prowess are some of the reasons that he became a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Needless to say, this is an amazing story, especially when coming from the perspective of Perkins. For more of Perkins' thoughts on the Celtics and other NBA topics, check out the "Runnin' Plays" podcast, available via NBC Sports Bay Area.